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We just know that when you do decide to become a player at any of our listed online casinos you are going to be guaranteed of finding the exact types of casino games that you love and enjoy playing the most.

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If you enjoy playing Roulette games then one of the main advantages of doing so online as opposed to visiting a land based casino venue is that there will be many more variants on offer at an online casino site than there will ever be on offer in a bricks and mortar land based casino venue!

To help you get a much clearer and deeper understanding of the range of different Roulette game variants and what each of them has to offer you, below in the next section we have a full overview of each of those Roulette games.

Also keep in mind that you will also be able to test out any of the casino sites we have listed for free as you can log into those casino sites and play many of their casino games including most Roulette games completely free of charge and at no risk what so ever!

However, if you do want to have the chance of winning big for real then you will of course need to play or real money!

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You may never have played Roulette online before and if that is the case then please do read on for below we are going to introduce you to each of the many different Roulette game variants that you can play online at any of our listed and approved online casino sites.

French Roulette The main attraction of French Roulette is that it is a variant with just one zero in play on the wheel and whenever a zero has been spun in if you placed any bets on any of the even money paying bets such as Red or Odd then you get either half of the stakes you placed on those betting positions back or they stay on the betting layout for another spin.

European Roulette The European Roulette game is very similar to the French Roulette game above except you do not get your even money bets remaining in place on the betting layout or half of those stakes back when a zero has been spun in!

American Roulette You should never play the American Roulette game online or it has two zeros on the wheel and betting layout which results in this variant having a huge and very unattractive and unappealing house edge!

Progressive Roulette You may also come across Progressive Roulette game variants online and those games offer an ever rising progressive jackpot, however when playing this type of Roulette game online you are often required to pay a forced bonus bet or an optional bonus bet to have any chance what so ever of actually winning the progressive jackpot, so they can be very expensive Roulette game variants to play online!

Player Comments

There are going to be lots of benefits coming your way as soon as you do decide the time is right to sign up to any of our top rated and highly recommended online casino sites and then get stuck into playing those casino sites Roulette games.

However if you have not yet decided whether playing Roulette online is going to be something you will enjoy doing, then spend a few more minutes reading through the following player comments left on our website by players who do regularly play Roulette game online as then make up your own mind as to whether you will want to join them!

Make sure that you select a casino that has the French Roulette game on offer for the house edge if you didn't know on that variant is only 1.35% on the even money paying betting positions, which is much lower than the 2.70% house edge found on the European Roulette wheel, also play at a casino site that gives you lots of comps when playing Roulette too for added value.  AS Sydney

If you are going to play Roulette online then my advice would be to play at a casino that will give you to option of setting your chip values very low, as quite a number of casinos force you to have play for high chip values and if you are a low roller like me your bankroll will never last long at those sites, unless of course you are very lucky when playing DM Toronto

I never play the American Roulette game online as the house edge is massive, but one thing you will need to ensure you do is to play at casinos that do not just offer that one variant, for I have played at many casino sites and wasted my time signing up to some casinos only to find the only Roulette game on offer was the American Roulette game. I would recommend playing at a Microgaming casino site for those sites also have the high definition Premier Roulette game which is a single zero variant offering a much lower house edge and much better graphics too. RT Copenhagen

Watch out when you claim bonuses at some casino sites for if you are a Roulette player like me you will often find that the bonuses available to you at quite a number of different online casinos have Roulette listed as a non permitted casino game. That means if you have claimed a bonus you are not going to be allowed to play Roulette games with your bonus credits and will then end up playing other games you didn't want to play online! CT Coventry

I much prefer playing the live Roulette games online, for by doing so I get to see a real life Croupier spinning the wheel and sending the ball spinning too, and as such when I play those live games online I get a much greater sense of fair play as it is not a random number generator that is determining the outcome of each spin it is a real Roulette ball and wheel! PL Edinburgh