High Roller Casinos

Some of you players out there will love playing casino games for very low stakes, however we do of course know there are lots of players who are also quite happy to play for some very high stake amounts, and as such those latter named type of players will be looking to sign up to and play at high roller casinos.

All of the casinos we have listed throughout this guide of the best online casinos will welcome both low stake and high roller casino game players, and you you will be best advised to sign up to one of those casinos, if you are seeking out a casino site that can and will cater for very high stake players.

The reason why we would advise you to sign up to such sites is that first and foremost you will be playing at fully licensed and regulated casinos that offer plenty of banking options that will allow you to make high valued deposits whilst at the same time those casino sites also have ways in place to ensure that if you do win big they can pay you out those winnings quickly and with no fuss or hassle too.

Also, you will want to be rewarded for your high stakes gaming action and as such each of our top rated and fully approved casinos also have their own unique loyalty schemes and comp clubs in place and by playing at those sites each time you place any value of wager on any of their games you will be earning points, which you can then redeem for playing credits.

The bonus offers and the ongoing promotional offers available at each of our hand picked range of high roller casinos are also generous and high in value and they all come with very favourable terms and conditions so you will always have a very fair and reasonable chance of winning when you claim and make use of any of them too!

Banking Methods Available - Spending any addition funds other than the amount of cash you wish to deposit into an online casino site is something no player is ever going to want to be forced to do.

Plus, when it comes to withdrawing your winnings you will not want to have to pay any chunk of that withdrawal on fees and charges simply to be sent your winnings back to you. With that in the forefront of your mind you should sign up to only those casino sites that are going to give you access to a range of fee and charge free banking options.

Never sign up to casinos that charge you any type of additional fees or charges when you want to make a withdrawal either, as there are more than enough casino sites that offer completely free of charge withdrawals to all of their winning players.

There are some best online casino sites that are not licensed or regulated and you will be taking far too many risks if you ever choose to play as a real money player at an unlicensed casino site.

Make sure therefore that the country in which you are based, if they have their own licensing or gambling commissions that it is those that have licensed any casinos you do decide to play at as you will always have the back up and help and assistance on hand from those licensing commissions to call upon if you run into any types of problems at your chosen casino sites.

High Roller Casino Payouts

There is just one aspect to you choosing just which casino games to play online for real money that you should concentrate on the most, and that is finding the games that are going to give you the best chance of winning!

Therefore you will need to locate the slot machines and video poker games that boast the very highest possible payout percentages, or if you are a casino card game player or table game player then you will need to be on the lookout for the games with the lowest house edges.

One thing that is going to make looking up those games much easier is that most casinos online list their respective games best online casino payout percentages or their house edges on their websites, so simply look for that all important information.

However, if you do come across any online casino site that does not have that information on their website then look at either the pay tables on those games or on the help files as that is usually where that information can also be found listed.

The types of games you should be looking to play are for example slot machines with payout percentages higher than 96%, video poker games with pay tables that return 99% or higher of players stakes as winning payouts when those games are played optimally with the very best playing strategy.

If you are a card game player then games such as Blackjack and Baccarat are the ones that do have the very lowest house edges and if you enjoy playing table games you should make a beeline to play the French Roulette game as that game has the lowest house edge attached to it of all Roulette games,when you bet on only the even money paying betting opportunities that is!

High Roller Casino Withdrawals

Let us now give you an insight into some of the many different ways that you can make a withdrawal from any best casino online. There are many different methods and options available to you but there are some pros and cons of using some different withdrawal options, which we will explain below.

If you have a debit card that is linked up to your bank account then if you do make deposits using that card then you will also be able to withdraw your winnings back to that card and as such your winnings will then be paid directly into your bank account linked up to that card.

By getting paid out that way you are never going to find casinos charging you any withdrawal fees or charges and as such it is by far and away the best option available to you to cash out your winnings from an online casino site.

Credit cards are another way of both depositing and withdrawing your winnings however the only credit cards that can be used as a withdrawal option are those with the Visa logo on them, you will not be able to cash out any best online casino winnings and have them refunded to a MasterCard credit card.

You may wish to use a web or e-wallet as the way that your winnings and paid out to you and if so there are plenty of them to choose from, including but not limited to PayPal, Neteller and Skrill.

Just keep in mind all of those web and e-wallets often charge fees when you top them up, and as such if you do want to use such a withdrawal option make sure you select one with the lowest fees and charges as you will not want to see a large amount of your withdrawals swallowed up by additional fees.

Some casinos will also let you make a withdrawal via a cheque or check, whoever there will often be some hefty fees associated with using that withdrawal option and to ensure you do receive your payout via that method quickly you may be required to pay courier fees too.

Avoid using a money transfer options to cash out your winnings such as Western Union or Money Gram as the fees an charges associated with using those withdrawal options will be huge and in no way shape or form will they be cost effective to use.

Bank wires are another way that you could chose to get paid your winnings from an online casino site, but keep in mind there will be fees associated with using that option and you will often have to wait for many days before they work their way through the banking system and end up in your bank account!

High Roller Casino Payout Percentages

You will find listed on casino websites, the help files or pay tables of most online casino sites or games all of the long term expected payout percentages of every single game available at any casino site, and the general rule you should be following as a real money player is to only ever play those games with the highest payout percentages.

By doing so you are going to get more of your stakes back over your long term play as winning payouts! However, keep in mind that you will not always achieve the long term expected payout percentages if you play any game for short periods of time as the payouts can and will vary on every single session you have.

If you are interested in find out how much by way of a payout percentage you achieved when playing any casino game then all you need to do is to keep track of every single best casino payout you achieved during that session and add them all up and then also work out just how much in total you stake don that one single game during that session.

Once you know those two figures you then divide the winning payouts by the stakes, and if that figure begins with a zero, simply remove the zero and the decimal point and the first two figures you are left with is your payout percentage for that session.

Let is give you a quick example of that, say we wagered 59.20 on a gaming session and our payouts were 34.90, then by diving the winnings, 34.90, by the total amount wagered, 59.20 we are left with 58% after removing the zero, the decimal point and any additional numbers after those two. That would of course of been a very poor paying session!

However, let us give you an example of a high paying session, if you ever do the above workings out and the figure figure in your answer is not a zero then you simply keep the figure before the decimal point and the two after it and you will then get your payout percentage for that winning session.

An example of this is when we have wagers let´s say 98.10 but won 146.40 then diving the winnings by the stakes we are left with  149%, after remove the decimal point and any numbers after the first two after that now removed decimal point!

High Roller Casino Reviews

You are probably ready to give Luxury Casino a try, for as you have just found out above they do offer every single thing an online casino player could require to have a fully rounded gaming experience.

However, if you want some additional information on this casino site then read on for a range of opinions and feedback as sent in by our website visitors, each of whom have played there as a real money player at one time or another.

Always friendly support team - I like chatting to the support team at Luxury Casino as they are all from Australia! However, what I do like about them is they will spend as much time as you need answering any questions and I do seem to contact them a lot as I like to learn more about the casino games I play especially all of their new ones of which they do have a lot! - Paula

More bonuses than other casinos - I like getting value from my bankroll and that is something I always seem to do when playing at Luxury Casino I think that their bonus offers which are available each week are very well thought out too and they always do come with fair terms and conditions which is something I have found is missing from a lot of other Microgaming casinos! - Yvonne

Low house edge card and table games - The card and table games are great at Luxury Casino and many of those games come with some of the lowest house edges I have ever seen attached and on offer on online games. You will also find both single hand and multi-hand card games are available and the stake levels are adjustable too so they suit my rather modest little bankroll perfectly! - Kyle

New slots each month - New slot machines are live at the beginning of most months as Luxury Casino and I like playing those new slots the most as they offer different themes and lots of different bonus features and bonus games too. Plus, as all of their slot machines come with different staking options you can play them for any stake amount you like, you can even test of their games for free if you want to! - Stuart

Very stable instant play platform - I like playing via the instant play gaming platform at Luxury Casino as one thing I hate is waiting for games to download which is something you will have to do if using their downloadable gaming platform.

I have never once experienced any type of problems with their instant play gaming platform which is something I have experienced when playing at different casinos, plus there is a huge number of different games on that instant play platform and lots of additional new games get launched on it regularly too so I have always something new to play s they are a casino I am happy to play at. - Benjamin