Some of the UK's Best Online Casinos

As the online gambling environment in the UK is now regulated the online casinos have to adhere to strict rules in order to keep their license to operate. This should be good news but sometimes the bonus offers are therefore limited but on the other hand you have the choice to play at regulated casino sites which obviously leads to more rules for advertising and more player rights.

We have plenty of additional guides, articles, news stories and Zodiac Casino review listed on our website site please do consider making use of them for by doing so you can compare just what is being offered at a range of different casino sites and also find out what is so special about or top rated UK online casino sites too.

Online Casino Bonuses

There are several casino bonus offers that you can make use of and claim as a new player at our featured casino sites and to help you get an understanding of how those bonuses work and how they are structured below is an overview of each of them.

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Deposit Match Bonuses - A deposit match bonus can and often will massively increase the value of your deposit, however you will have fund your account and make a minimum deposit to claim them! The value of the amount of credits you can claim will be dependent on the value of the deposit match bonus, so for example when you claim a 100% deposit match bonus your deposit will be doubled with bonus credits when you claim such a bonus online!

Online Casino Sign up Bonus Offers

Whether you do decide to play at any online casino sites and claim any of the bonus offers available to you either as a new VIP player at this Luxury Casino Mobile site or whether you claim any of the constant stream of ongoing casino bonus offers is of course up to you.

However, below you will find comments and feedback left by other online casino game players who tend to claim a lot of bonuses when playing online casino games for real money so read on to find out why those players like claiming those bonuses time and time again online!

The best types of bonuses you can claim online of you want to play slot machines online are the deposit match bonuses in my opinion, however one thing that you will need to understand if you have never played slot machines online with bonuses before is that they all come with something known as a play through requirements, so read through the terms and the condition of each bonus you want to claim before playing it to find out more about the play through requirements and what slot machines you can play with those bonuses too.  CB Ayr

There are hundreds of slot games available at Microgaming powered sites and if you are like me and love playing lots of different slot games in one single session then my advice would always be to play at a casino site that does offer the range of Microgaming slots. You will also find that when playing their slot games you should be able to play them automatically which is done by you utilizing the auto play option settings! - JH Quebec City

I have found that when playing at many online casino sites if you take a good look over the websites of those casino sites and look hard enough you will often find a page that is dedicated to letting you know not only just what slot games are available at that casino site but you will often find a list of the payout percentages that each slot has on offer, so I would suggest you look for that information as it will then enable you to know and then play the higher paying slot games available at that casino site. - OP Odense

If you want to have a much better chance of winning a progressive jackpot then the type of slot games I would encourage you to play are the Mega Moolah series of slots that are available at all microgaming casinos that have the complete range of slot games with the instant play or full download option. For those slots all have four progressive jackpots included but it doesn't matter whether you play for high or low stake amounts those jackpots can be won by any player at any time via a randomly awarded type of picking game. - JF Glasgow

The biggest range of brand new slot machines is often found at casinos with Microgaming software and I love their range of new slots which are launched every month. TT Londonderry

It is your hard earned money you will be spending when playing real money casino games, and with that in mind you really do owe it to yourself to sign up and play only at the very best casino sites, so make sure you do as by doing so you will never experience any of the nonsense that some casinos pull on their player and force their players to have to experience!

Playing online casino games is a great way to pass some time, get lots of entertainment and excitement, and if you are lucky you could also win a few bob too! However, if you are based in the UK then you will be best off playing at some of our featured online casino sites for the United Kingdom.

NEW : reviews and ratings to rank the best of the UK online casino offers for online slots and other mobile games.

Below will be looking at some of the most popular casino games that UK online casinos will be offering you, much more so if you choose to sign up to and play at any of our fully approved online casino guide.

As you become a more experienced online casino game player then you are bound to find just one casino site that you enjoy playing at above all others, and it is with that in mind that we have listed throughout this website a wide range of different online casino site reviews.

Once you take a look through each of those casino reviews you will find out just what each casino is going to be offering you, and they will allow you to make an informed decision of just which one to play at!

UK Online Casino Reviews

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However, as we know every casino game player will be looking for a range of games they will want to play, for stake levels of their own choosing and will also be looking for generous comp and loyalty clubs and also high valued bonuses, please read through this particular casino guide.

For what we are going to do below is list all of the individual and unique aspects that we look for and demand from any online casino site we are thinking of joining, and by reading through this guide you will be able to see what we look for from an online casino site and will be able to use it as a checklist for when you are looking for a casino site to join.

Just keep in mind all online casino sites will have their own stand out qualities and bonuses and promotional offers can and do change from site to site!

UK online Casinos

We have seen a sharp increase in the number of people based in the UK who are interested in playing casino games online, and as such we want all of those potential online players to have access to as much information as is possible to enable them to get a fully rounded gaming experience, and of course as many winning opportunities as is possible! 

This guide is going to walk you through the entire procedure for tracking down and playing at UK online casinos. We want you to have one of the very best online gaming experiences and that is only going to be possible if you follow all of the advice below.

We will be enlightening you a to all of the unique aspects that our top rated and highly recommended UK facing online casino sites will be offering you, and we will also give you a few pointers in regards to the casino games you should be playing too.

There are of course hundreds of different casino sites we recommend to players in Great Britain that you can play at, each of which will be offering you different gaming platforms, different deposit and withdrawal options and all manner of incentives to join up, so one thing you will never be short of as a first time casino player are high valued bonus offers, plenty of fun to play and also very high paying casino games and of course more than enough casino sites at which to play at, using any type of computer, laptop or mobile device.

With that in mind please do spend some time looking through this step by step type guide to locating some of the good online casino sites, and then have a good look around our website too as we have plenty of casinos to introduce you to each of which are offering you some exclusive and generous sign up bonuses too.

One thing to note however is that you will of course want to deposit, play and withdraw any winnings in your own home currency and with that in mind each of our featured and showcased casino sites offer multi-currency options.

As such when you first sign up to any of those casinos please ensure you pick the currency option you use at home in your own country of residence as by doing so when you do make a deposit or withdrawal you will not be paying any currency exchange rate fees to turn your home currency into any other and back again when you cash out!

Also one final thing to consider is just which casino game designers games you wish to access and play, there are two outstanding companies who have designed hundreds of great playing and often very high paying casino games and below we will introduce you to both of them and let you know why their games really are worth playing!

Approved Online Casinos

If you feel you now have a good basic understanding of what to look out for in regards to selecting an online casino site at which to play at then we are now going to be introducing you to three of the very best run and operated casinos that we are always happy to introduce out website visitors to.

Each of the following casinos are run to some very high standards and are of course all fully licensed and regulated, however they will also be offering you some unique promotional offers and additional bonuses too, so read on to find out what recommended casinos that pay your winnings !

BetSpin Casino has both online and mobile casino games will be available to you if and when you do make the wise decision of signing up to the BetSpin Casino, and you will find plenty of great paying games with above average payout percentages too.

As you would expect from one of our higher rated UK facing casino sites you are going to get a first class gaming experience, access to fast and friendly customer support and plenty of online casino bonus offers too.

Rizk Casino  is one of our more recently approved casinos, by signing up you will be able to use Pounds Sterling as your chosen currency account setting and the bonuses that will be coming your way are very generous too.

Make sure you do visit their website and take a look at their comp club for it is one of the most generous ones you will come across and is going to reward all of your real money gaming action, no matter whether you are a low or high stake player you will always be very well looked after!

Guts Casino - Guts Casino is a no download instant play casino site at which you are going to find a very good mix of casino games, but one of the best reasons to play there is that they are by far and away the fastest paying casino online, and as such as soon as you win and withdraw your winnings you will receive them very quickly, often the very same day too!

If you want to learn more about playing online casino games then you are more than welcome to keep reading on for we would like to point out a few additional things that will help you track down not only the very best paying casino games but also how and where to play those games too!List of safe UK's best online slots casinos:reviews


  1. Zodiac Casino
  2. Golden Tiger Casino
  3. Casino Classic
  4. Blackjack Ballroom Casino

We do get a lot of our website visitors viewing our website that are based all over the UK, and we recently put a message on our site asking of such players to get in touch with us and let us know what those players look out for when they are looking for Gambling in the United Kingdom.

Below you will find several of the best replies we got from those players, and we think you should always use the following feedback and suggestions as a way of you putting together a checklist when you are comparing what casinos are offering you as a player, and if a UK casino offers all of the following then that site is going to be an ideal one to play at for sure!

Around the clock support - I only play at casino sites that have a support centre that I can contact 24 hours a day, I would urge you to do the same for if you don't and you ever run into any type of problem playing at such a casino then you may have to wait days for the customer support team to get around to helping you out! - Matthew

Fast payouts all the time - Make no mistakes about it there is no real reason why an online casino site cannot pay out winning players very quickly. Therefore one thing I would suggest any UK based players look out for and also demands from any casino site they are thinking of joining up to is that all winning payouts are sent out the same day or at the most within 24 hours of you requesting a withdrawal from your casino account. If you have to wait longer than 24 hours at any casino site I would suggest you play somewhere else that does pay quicker! - Norma

GBP Currency settings - Lots of online casinos now offer players the option of playing in GBP and as such if you are about to sign up to any online or even mobile casino site make sure that you can set your account at the time of registration to use GBP as the currency setting for your account. If you cannot set your account to GBP then find another casino for with exchange rates what they are you could lose a small fortune each time you make a deposit or a withdrawal in another currency other than GBP! - Stuart

Hundreds of different games - The more casino games that you have aces to when playing at an online casino site the more choice of game you ill obviously have and will also never be forced to play what may turn out to be just a small selection of very poor paying casino games. If you do want to locate a casino that accepts UK based players and one that does have a large number of different casino games then you should sign up to a Microgaming or NetEnt powered casino site! - Katherine

Multiple gaming platforms - Most online casinos will have an instant play gaming platform, however some also have a downloadable one and some even have an additional mobile gaming platform too. I would advise anyone looking for a casino site at which o play at to pick one that offers all three different types of gaming platform as that ay you will always be able to pick and choose just how you can access and then play the casino games that you like playing the most online. - Larry

Casino Match Bonuses

One slight word of warning and that is when you see a huge mega sized casino bonus there are going many terms and conditions and bonus rules in place on those bonuses, and when you read them through they may not be as generous as they first seemed.

Whilst many casinos do offer fair and generous terms and conditions and big bonuses too, they are in short supply, so take a look at any bonus rules and all of the terms and conditions attached to a casino bonus before you even consider claiming them!

Processing Times - Even though you may make a withdrawal from a casino account at any time, that does not necessarily mean that you will receive instant payouts of all your winnings in the very fastest of time frames.

There can be some huge differences in regards to just how long online casino sites take to payout to their winning players and one thing you should always make sure of is that the casino you have chosen to play at will pay you promptly and always by your chosen method of payment!

UK Online Casino Games

For the best chances of winning you are going to want to have access to not only a very large range of casino games that appeal to you as a player but also a range of games which come with the lowest of house edges and the high payout percentages.

So it goes without saying that one of the best online casinos to play at will be those such as Microgaming powered casinos that give you access to the biggest suite of different casino games.

Customer Help and Support - Help and support should be available to you at the one of the trusted online casinos both instantly and twenty-four hours a day 365 days a year too, and whilst many of our best rated casinos do offer an around the clock customer support service many other casinos do not.

So along with all of the above things you should be looking for form any online casinos you play at you should be looking for sites offering the very best customer support service just in case you ever do need their help and advice at a strange hour of the day or night!

Types of Gaming Platforms - One other thing to bear in mind when you are thinking of starting to play the best casino games for real money on your computer is that there are quite a number of different ways that a casino is going to allow you to access and then play their gaming suite and range of real money games.

There will be instant play casinos which only require you to have a web browser on your computer to access and play their range of different casino games, but some casino sites have a downloadable gaming software platform which will offer lots more games and many more option settings than an instant play platform!

Fruit Machines - It Is not only casino slot machines that are available by the thousands online as there are lots of casino sites both mobile and online casino that have a range of fruit machines, those type of machines when played online offer a much larger range of staking options and do offer much higher payout percentages than fruit machines found in land base gaming venues!

Card Games - There will always be more than enough casino card games for you to get stuck into playing online, keep in mind though that the best games to track down and play are the ones that come with the very lowest house edge!

Table Games - Roulette games and Craps games are also available to you if you are a UK based online casino player, you should read all the terms and conditions before testing out those types of games online lay them for real money and you will have the option of picking the stake and chip levels you play them for too.

Jackpot Games - If you want to try and win a huge mega sized jackpot then it will be the network wide progressive jackpot game you should be looking to play online, you will find it is not only slot machines and slot games that have progressive jackpots attached to them as many card games, table games and even video poker games will have progressive jackpots on offer on them!

There are lots of additional casino games that you will be able to play online at our featured casino sites that are not listed above, and you will also find you can play many of those games to get used to the way they work, they play and the way they pay too.

To be able to legally gamble online you will need to be the legal age to gamble in the country you reside in and are accessing any casino site from and you are also going to have to be at least the minimum legal age to gamble at the casino site you have chosen to play at.

Below you will find a very large listing of all of the unique aspects, benefits and extras that you should always demand from any casino site you sign up to and play at, for reference of them listed below are ones that we do demand are on offer from each of our recommended UK online casino sites, and as such by playing at those British online casinos you will always be assured of the very best of everything!

License Holders - It really is important that you sign up to a casino site that holds a full and valid gambling license, as by applying for that license those sites will have been carefully vetted and the operators of those casinos are required to prove they have the experience and the ability of operating such a site.

Plus, you will also find that your deposits are safe when playing at a licensed and regulated casino and there will always be a channel for you if you do ever experience any unresolved problems playing at those sites via the UK Gambling Commission or whoever licenses that best UK online casino.

Banking Options - Never play at a casino site that is going to charge you anything on top of your deposited amount by way of fees or charges to make those deposits, for those casinos are obviously greedy and not very player orientated casinos if they are forcing their players to make a deposit into their casino sites.

Also, never play at a casino site that is going to rip you off by way of fees and charges when you finally do win and wish to make a deposit, one thing to note however is that more and more casinos are now charging fees to players who do request a withdrawal from their accounts.

The more banking methods and options that any UK online casino site offers you the better, for you will then always be able to make a deposit by a method of your own choosing and you will also be free to get paid out your winnings by an option and method that is fee free and convenient to you too!

But as mentioned above never ever play at any online casino sites that are going to impose on you any type of fees or charges for those casinos will east away at the value of your deposits and or withdrawals every time you top up your casino account or make a withdrawal from it.

Withdrawal Times - Winning should not become a nightmare when playing casino games online, however if you do not pick the casino site you play at carefully that is what may just happen!

You will never want to have to be forced to jump through hoops to get your money paid out to you but that is something that many online casinos force you to do to access your own money and winnings.

The casinos listed below and throughout our website will verify your casino account quickly and will always pull out every single stop to ensure you get paid your winnings on time and in full and also by a method of your own choosing, so never take risks when gambling online stick to our list of online UK casinos and you will never experience any type of delays when getting paid out your winnings!

Customer Support - You are bound to have some questions if you want to play at an online casino for the very first time and we are pleased to let you know that all of the casinos showcased throughout this website have a support team who are on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Instant chat facilities are available, email support services or free phone telephone support, so if you do have any questions you will get them answered quickly. If English is not your first language you are also going to find those casinos offer multi-language options so you will be able to communicate in a language of your own choosing with the support team.

Also you will be able to set your casino account to one of several different languages too so you will also be able to see how to play the casino games according to the rules of the particular gambling site and control buttons in a language of your own choosing too!

Game Selection - Hundreds of different casino games are what you are going to want to have access to when you are an online casino game player ad you will certainly have that many games at the casino sites we will be showcasing to you throughout this guide and our website too.

Try not to stick to playing the same old games over and over again, for the more games you do try out the more fun and winning opportunities you will have, and you will probably find lots of games you have never come across before that you will take an instant shine to when you try them out!

Gaming Platforms - You will want to have the ability of playing mobile casino games, downloadable casino games or even instant play casino games, and as such make sure the casino you do finally select to play at has all three of those gaming platforms on offer.

Also you will need to have access to all of those gaming platforms from one single log in and as such take a look around our featured casinos as you will find plenty of them that do offer at least two of those gaming platforms.

Staking Options - You may be the type of player who is more than happy to play for very low sake amounts, and if so then you are able to play for stakes of as little as one penny per slots spin, and many of the card and table games will be offering you very low table stake limits too, so you will be able to play for very low stake amounts.

However, they will be offered to play any type of casino game for high stake amounts too and as such you will find that if you are a high rolling player there will be more than enough games for you to get stuck into playing.

It does not matter if you play for low or high stakes you will want to have the maximum rewards, and you will be rewarded for your gaming action at all of our rated and approved casinos as they have by far and away the most generous comp and loyalty schemes. In fact, why not compare what those sites have on offer via their reward schemes with some other casinos, if you do you will be impressed by what you discover when you do so,

Progressive Games - You may or may not enjoy playing progressive jackpot awarding casino games, however do make sure you sign up to a casino site that has some high paying games on offer like the Mega Moolah.

For every now and then the jackpots available on those games will grow to some ever higher limits mostly millions and when they do that is obviously the best time to play them as you could, with  great deal of luck, win one of those jackpots.

New Game Releases - To prevent players getting bored new casino games releases are being issued on a monthly basis and plenty of them are unique in design and that is one of the requirements that you should be looking for from any casino site you play at, as the more new games that are launched the more fun you will have by playing them and seeing what they have on offer.

NetEnt and Microgaming powered casinos have the most new games being launched on their gaming platforms and as such you should be looking to sign up to casinos that use those gaming platforms, which fortunately all of our featured UK casinos do!

You will also find lots of other games supplied by different companies too on offer at some of our top rated and highly recommended casino sites with the genuine types of games that are safe to play but also games you will never have seen or played before too!

RTP Information - It is important for any casino game player to know what the payout percentages are on any casino games they are thinking of playing online and you need to ensure the casino site you are playing at is giving you access to that data.

Most licensed and regulated casinos have  full list of every single game they have on offer on their websites and alongside each of those casino game names will be the payout percentages that each game has performed to players over the long term.

There will be some above average paying casino games on offer to you so make sure you track down those higher paying casino games and avoid all of the lower paying ones as by doing so you will then have the very best winning opportunities.

Player Betting Limits - You should always gamble responsibly and be advised to sign up to an online or even a mobile casino site that will allow you to set your own deposit limits the very second you log into those sites and also casinos that will let you set your own loss limits too.

In fact, more casinos that are licensed and regulated are now required by law to have a system in place whereby players can set their own gambling and loss limits and also set the amount of time they will be able to play for.

As soon as you have reached your own chosen limit whether that be a loss limit, time limit playing or a deposit limit then you will not be allowed to play at that casino until your chosen time limit expires, so do consider using those limits are thy are there for your protection.

Promotional Offers - Most casinos tend to make available to their players a range of similar promotional offers, and you will often find there is no real money to win when you claim some of those commonly available bonuses!

However, one of the main reasons we have selected our range of hand-picked UK facing casino sites is that they are all famed for having lots of very unique promotional offers available and those bonuses are not only available to new and first time depositing real money players, they will be available to regularly players too.

As we always advise though you should make sure that you read through the terms and conditions of any bonus you are considering claiming as it will always be in the terms and conditions you will discover whether those bonuses really are worth claiming or not!

Loyalty Scheme - As you will be gambling with your owned hard earned money when you are a real money casino game player then you do have a lot of choice in regards to just which casinos you play at, and one thing you should always ensure is that the casinos you do sign up to has some form of players reward scheme, loyalty club or comp club.

When you do play as a real money player at those casino sites you are going to earn points when gambling on any of their available games and the more points you earn the more bonus credits you can redeem those points for.

Now, some casinos will let you exchange and redeem your comp points that you have accumulated for bonus credits which sadly come with play through requisitions, however some other casinos will pay you your redeemed credits you have exchanged your comp points for as VIP player credits so you can decide whatever you want with those cash credits with no restrictions in place, so those casinos are of course the most generous and most rewarding ones!

News Letters - Being kept informed about all that a casino site you are the member of will entail you either checking the promotions page of the casino website you are a member of or hoping when you log into your account you will find a list of the current promotions offers.

However, many casinos will let you sign up to a weekly or monthly news letters and by keeping your eyes peeled for those email news letters arriving in your inbox you are going to get access to lots of high valued and exclusive promotions offers, many of which could be tailored towards you and the games you like playing.

On major holidays or public celebrations or even on your Birthday you will be offered some additional bonuses too at most casino sites, so additionally be on the lookout for those bonuses offers too as they will help increase your play time, bankroll and your winning chances too!

Game Tournaments - One thing you are going to find available when you move your gaming action over to the online gaming environment are casino game tournament son offer to you, and some of those tournaments are actually completely free of charge to enter!

However, there are some paid to enter slot tournaments you can take part in and enter and those do tend to be the ones that have the highest prize pools attached to them, so do consider entering some of them as you will have a ball doing so!

Also, be on the lookout for what are known as satellite slot tournaments for those tournaments will either be free to enter or will have a small entry fee but by entering them if you win one of them you will be given a free entry into a much higher paying tournament offering some huge cash prizes!

Online Gambling Sites

Whilst in most countries of the world 18 is the legal age to gamble, some other countries such as the USA have a minimum legal gambling age limit of 21. So you are going to have to check whether you will be permitted to play if you are between the ages of 18 and 21.

Also be aware that some countries of the world will also have their own laws and regulations in regards to just which casinos are permitted to advertise their services to players in those countries and as such if you are in a country that has a Gambling Commission or a Gaming Authority then you will also be best advised to stick to playing at casino sites licensed in your own country by one of those authorities or gaming commissions (reference WikiPedia : Gambling in the United Kingdom )!

By doing so you will always have the ability to take any complaints or problems that the casino has been unable to address to their licensing commission or authority and also every single licensed casino will have to adhere to a stringent set of laws and regulations too.

One thing you do need to be fully aware of is that every single licensed online casino site is legally obliged to verify you are the legal age to gamble and they will also be required to verify your identity and also your address.

The way in which they will do is to request you to send in identification documents, so be prepared to send in those documents when they have been requested by any casino site you have signed up to recently. Once your account has been fully verified you will have no problems making a deposit or cashing out your winnings at those casino sites!

We are always happy to guide you to many other casino gambling sites, and as such if you are ever looking for a brand new casino site at which to play at then all of those that you will see listed and fully reviewed around our website will be the very best ones to play at!

However, as an incentive to sign up to any of our approved and some of the best online casinos, each of them will be offering you a large and diverse range of different sign up welcome bonuses, and as such if you want to have the chance of increasing your bankroll as a new player then it will be worth claiming those bonuses at as many of tour listed casinos site as is possible!

You are also going to find that as a loyal player at any of those casinos or in fact most casino sites online, in addition to the new player sign up welcome bonus offer you will also qualify for lots of ongoing bonuses and special tailored promotional offers too.

With that in mind please do read through this guide to casino bonuses in full to get a good idea of just what you can expect to find on offer to you via the generous bonuses offers available to you right now!